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Let’s Make Pancake \(^.^)/

          Cooking with kids is a wonderful way to spend time with children, and help them learn at the same time. Because of that , today Baby pingu want to make pancake. Everyone love pancake ,right? Mommy , daddy , grandpa , grandma, brother, sister like pancake ^^ . Yes , Pingu’s family and baby pingu’s students also love pancake very much.

It’s ready to cook ^^ , be patient please …

Ameera and  Syafira sit nicely while waiting the pancake.

Don’t make me wait to long Ms.Dina …

“Hhhmmm, yummy ^^ ”  William said

Cheese and Chocolate for the pancake topping.

Everybody say Pancakeeeee ^^ 

          Everybody are happy and say the pancake is yummy , even Michael eat two round of pancakes . So , pancake is easy to make , make us happy and healthy too.


Pingu’s English Bintaro

11 Steps to be a Better Parents

Parenthood is always harder than anyone thinks it will be. Children learn by trying and then trying again. So do parents. Believe that you can be a good parent to your children. When you like yourself, it is easier for you to teach your children to like and trust themselves.

To grow emotionally children need to feel … Safe.

They need to know that nothing will hurt them … Secure.

They need to know that when they need care or comfort, they will get it … Loved.

They need to be told and shown that they are loved and are important to someone.
When children feel safe, secure and loved, they can become happy, independent, loved people.

11 Steps to Being a Better Parent

  1. Be a good role model- Children do as you do. You can model respect, politeness, honesty, compassion, good choices, or any other behaviour or attitude that you want them to adopt.
  2. Be clear in what you want them to do. Make sure that you have their attention before telling them what you want to happen. Check that they understand, and if not, try explaining again but use different words to describe it.
  3. Try not to make too many rules. Explain the rules clearly and stick to them once they are made.
  4. Encourage and praise good behaviour every time you see it. Misbehaviour usually gets more of our attention than good behaviour. Take the time to notice and praise good behaviour to encourage more good behaviour.
  5. Separate the child from the behaviour. You love your children but you do not always love their behaviour. Focus on the behaviour rather than the qualities of the child. For example: instead of “you are a bad boy” try “I don’t like this mess in the living room”
  6. When correcting a behaviour or making a request, explain the reason for it. When they know the reason for it they may comply quicker, or maybe not. But over time they learn that behaviour has effects and consequences. They also learn to see the point of view of other people.
  7. Keep emotion out of it. All parents get tired and frustrated sometimes. When children are misbehaving at the same time that is a bad combination. Before you react count to 10, take a deep breath, and think about what you are going to say. Keep your voice down; children ignore yelling if all they hear is yelling. Make requests in a normal tone of voice and use words, not volume, to get your point across. When yelling is used only for emergency situations, like chasing a ball into busy traffic, they will take notice.
  8. Give chances to choose but not wide-open choice. Setting up a choice between two options that are acceptable to you is more likely to get you what you want instead of a refusal.
  9. Expect what is reasonable. Set your expectations at a level that is consistent with the child’s age and stage of development. Sometimes it looks like a child is misbehaving, when in reality she/he isn’t able to meet our expectations. Children are impulsive, they cannot understand complex ideas because they have an inconsistent memory and attention span. They need your help to stay on track and work along side them so that they can learn. It can be very reassuring to spend a half a day now and then at your child’s daycare or volunteer in the Cub group, and see other kids act the same way as yours does.
  10. Take some time with your children and get to know them. Children may act out to get your attention: if misbehaviour is the only thing that gets attention, expect misbehaviour to continue. Life is busy and we have many demands. So we sometimes need to set aside time to play, talk of just hang out.
  11. Take a break. Parenting is hard work and you need time for yourself. Make time to be with your friends, read a book or just relax

(adapted from Yes You Can! Positive Discipline Ideas For You and Your Child; Parenting for Life Series, Toronto, ON, 1999)

6 Personality Types of Gifted Children

In 1988, after some years of research work, George Betts and Maureen Neihart identified 6 personality types of gifted and talented children.

The classification is based on behavior, feelings, and special needs of the gifted children. They should be observed, understood and addressed by the parents, in order for the child to develop smoothly and reach his or her full potential.

Successful Gifted Child Personality Type

These children are usually successful academically, and identified as gifted at school. They are high achievers and perfectionists who seek for other people’s approval. The problem, however, is that with time they often get bored and devote minimum effort to achieving. At home these gifted children need independence and freedom of choice, as well as time for personal interests, and risk taking experiences.

Challenging Gifted Child Personality Type

This personality type includes very creative, but often frustrated or bored, gifted children. They question the systems around them and are often rebellious because their abilities are unrecognized. Impatient, direct, and competitive, such children have low self-esteem. They need acceptance, understanding, and advocacy from the parents. Family activities and positive examples of behavior are what the family should provide for such gifted children.

Underground Gifted Children Personality Type

Many of such children are never identified as gifted since they are usually quiet and insecure. They often hide their talents, resist challenges, and drop out of gifted school programs because of their shyness. These gifted children should be supported at home, and be given freedom to choose and to spend time with their friends of the same age. Ideally, parents should provide them with gifted role models of life-long learning.

Dropout Gifted Child Personality Type

These gifted children are angry and depressed because the school system does not recognize their abilities, and does not address their special educational needs. That is why they resist the system by refusing to complete school assignments or to attend school. Being considered average or below average, they have poor self-esteem, are defensive and self abusive. Professional counseling is recommended for such children.

Double-labeled Gifted Child Personality Type

This type of gifted child is often unrecognized because these children have a physical, emotional or learning disability. Adults fail to notice giftedness due to being focused on the areas where the child is less able. Parents of such children should provide them with recognition of their abilities, risk-taking opportunities, advocacy, and family activities to challenge the child. Family counseling may also be a good option.

Autonomous Gifted Child Personality Type

These are self-confident and independent children that are successful academically, motivated, goal-oriented, and responsible. At home, such gifted children need family support, advocacy, family activities and opportunities related to their interests. They should be allowed to have friends of all ages, and have no time or space restrictions.

Each subtype of giftedness can be strongly pronounced in one personality. At the same time, combinations are possible since the subtypes are not mutually exclusive. So, a gifted or talented child may possess the characteristics of more than one type of giftedness.

The personality type may change with time as the child grows and develops. Therefore, the parents should be attentive to their gifted children in order to provide timely support and advocacy.

Autonomous and successful personality types of a gifted child are usually easy to recognize and deal with. The achievements of these children cannot be unnoticed. Challenging, underground, double-labeled and dropout personalities of gifted children require special attention. They should be recognized as early as possible for the parents to know what measures should be taken to address all the special needs of such children.


Betts, George, and Maureen Neihart. “Profiles of the gifted and talented”. Gifted Child Quarterly 32.2 (1988): 248-253.

Celebrate Birthday Party in Pingu’s English Bintaro

Is it fun to have a birthday party in Pingu’s English Bintaro? Yes, of course ^^.
Fabyan and Aqila are Level 1 students in Pingu’s English Bintaro ,they are celebrating their birthday party at Pingu’s English Bintaro. Let’s take a look…


Fabyan ,Mommy and Daddy

Fabyan and friends ^^


Aqila and her cute birthday cake … yummy!

Aqila with Mommy , Daddy and Grandma

Aqila’s and her Teachers ^^

 There will be more birthday parties that we’re going to celebrate together in the future. Parents , come and celebrate your children’s birthday party at Pingu’s English Bintaro.
Pingu’s English Bintaro

Learning English is Important Today

Why we have to learn English?

Learning English offers us opportunities to get jobs both at home and abroad .English is the official and state language in many countries of the world. At present it has become the main media of communication .mow people knowing English are considered for a job on a priority basis. There are some good jobs like those of a pilot. a navigator, an army officer, etc. for which one must be well conversant with the knowledge of English. Again if anybody wishes to get a job in a foreign office or in a big hotel or in the airport he or she must know English well. Even a mechanic or a repairman must have some knowledge of English to read the repair handbook or repair manuals. Some professionals like diplomats. Doctors, postmen, lawyers and even telephone operators cannot do without English. So it is evident that getting a good job now largely depends on the world our knowledge of English is a must.

For receiving higher education learning English is indispensable. At higher level almost all books of science and technology are written in English. In fact, if anybody wants to get higher education in science and technology or any other subject in foreign university needs knowledge of English. Moreover, English literature is the most enriched in the world and the taste of literature can be realized only after mastery in English and going through the classic English literary works.

As an international language English is mostly used all around the world. Without knowing English no one can step into international arena. Most countries in the world use English to communicate with people of other countries for various purposes. It is the only language which is widely used and accepted as media of international communication. So as an international language the necessity of learning English is the most imperative for us.

Article Source: http://www.saching.com/

News reading competition and art Perfomance by Pingu’s English Bintaro

Reading Competition and Student’s Art Performances ala Pingu’s English

Sabtu, 28 April 2012 17:19 KOMUNITAS
Surel Cetak PDF
Mengasah kreativitas anak usia dini di Pingu’s English (fit)

Kabar6-Mengasah krativitas anak sejak usia dini tentunya bukanlah urusan gampang. Terlebih, membekali anak usia dini dengan pelajaran bahasa inggris.

Tapi, di Pingu’s English, banyak cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk membangkitkan dan mengasah kreativitas anak. Salah satunya lewat Pingu’s English Competition and Student’s Art Performances, yang digelar di Bintaro, Kota Tangerang Selatan (Tanagsel), Sabtu (28/4/2012).

Centre Manager Pingu’s English, Selvi, menjelaskan bahwa kecintaannya kepada anak-anak, dituangkannya melalui Pingu’s English dengan memberikan pembelajaran-pembelajaran yang bermanfaat bagi anak-anak.

Dan, pada kesempatan itu, para anak didiknya, unjuk kebolehan dari apa yang telah dipelajari di lembaga pendidikan tersebut.

Dari singing and ballet performance yang dilakukan oleh anak didiknya naura, Kanaya, Emily dan Bila. Newscaster yang dibawakan oleh Sabil Ibrahim, Ghaza Alta Rivanda, Karina Maharani, M Farrel Aulia Rahman serta Nicholas.

Tak ketinggalan performances Penguin Dance yang dibawakan oleh Nathania, Keyshira, Yuka, Yuko, Nesia, Banyu, Khalif, Kidung, Kayla serta Arfa dan Faira.

“Show and tell yang dibawakan oleh Naufal, Gabriel, Derry, dan Rara, membuat takjub para pengunjung yang hadir mengikuti acara tersebut. Dan, disinilah dibuktikan hasil dari pelajaran anak-anak selama ini di Pingu’s English,” kata wanita cantik ini kepada kabar6.com.

Flower Moments dan Poto Session, memberikan kesempatan kepada orang tua murid, untuk memberikan setangkai bunga mawar buat buah hati mereka, yang telah menunjukkan kebolehannya dalam acara yang penuh nuansa kekeluargaan itu. Luar biasa…!

“Saya sangat optimis sekali, Pingu’s English dapat menjadi salah satu referensi wadah pendidikan untuk anak-anak usia dini di kawasan Bintaro dan sekitarnya.

Dapat dibuktikan dari hasil belajar mereka selama ini melalui performance yang sangat menakjubkan itu,” ungkap wanita berkerudung ini dengan nada bangga.

Kedepannya, lanjut wanita santun ini, pihaknya akan menggaet sekolah-sekolah dikawasan Bintaro dan sekitar untuk melakukan kompetisi antar murid.

Karena, anak-anak akan dapat menunjukkan jati diri mereka melalui kompetisi-kompetisi pendidikan. Dan, hal itu tentu saja membuat bangga para orang tua, guru-guru serta Bangsa Indonesia itu sendiri.(fit)

Selengkapnya mengenai Reading Competition and Student’s Art Performances ala Pingu’s English | KOMUNITAS by www.kabar6.com

Pingu’s Fund Raising for News Reading Competition

All of the Teachers and staffs of Pingu’s English made a fund raising for  the news reading competition and art performance. We are selling popcorns, cassava chips, snacks, also bubble drinks.

Beside that, we also open a stand for children’s nail art. The price for the nail art is Rp. 1000/ nail.

This fund raising will be opened from 13-27 April 2012. So, don’t forget to come ^^.